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CBD for People

Welcome to Bebe's Edibles

 We are a small team located in Oklahoma City who are focused on bringing hand made, deliciously infused cannabis edibles to patients who need it. We strive to bring quality edibles to the patients by using superior ingredients in all our products. We believe cannabis has the ability to help many people and we want to be apart of helping the community with our edibles. 

 Here at Bebe’s Edibles, we  focus on bringing cannabis into peoples lives through edibles, cannabis oils, and topicals. We also care about our furry friends and know they can enjoy the benefits of hemp infused products so we’ve teamed up with CBD Dog Treats to offer products for your pets.

 Only hemp infused products are available for online purchases. If you live in the state of Oklahoma and have a medical marijuana license, please see you favorite dispensary and request Bebe's Edibles. If you are a dispensary looking to carry our products please contact us through our Contact Us page. 

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